Deon Fang

Subject: Law

Year joined: 2014

Voice type: Bass

Position: Publicity Manager

Just as every hive needs its queen bee, OOTB would be lost without its Queen D. He’s industrious, he’s got a deadly sting, and he’s dedicated to producing the best, honey. No one’s worked out yet what sweet nectar he’s been consuming to get out those bass notes, but in any case, we’re buzzed to have him.

Deon is a man defined by dichotomies, having a distinguished military history but still a lover not a fighter, a diplomatic lawyer one moment and yet a purveyor of brutal shade the next. Often seen pirouetting in public and mounting ideological defences of Kim Kardashian, Deyoncé’s whereabouts are currently unknown, but he can easily be traced by going out and listening for cries of ‘who is she’. Just make sure you have at least two #1's by the time he notices you.