Sean Bracebridge

Subject: Music

Year joined: 2016

Voice type: Baritone

Position: President

Sean had his eye on Out of the Blue from an early age. When Sean arrived he began on his path towards seizing power by quietly infiltrating the ranks of the committee quietly assuming not 1 but 4 positions of authority: the positions of the Right and Honorable Lord of Publicity, Defender of the Realm of the United States of Trump, the Duke of Edinburgh (that was tricky) and Chief of the Unsullied. This culminated in Sean seizing complete control by defeating the established committee at the Battle of Committee Handover and becoming the dictator of Out of the Blue where he has ruled under the iron curtain ever since with the help of his second in command Sam Lupton (I was going to say number 2 but that would be Jasper Gold) and his manager of finances!